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About Fujipoly

Fuji Polymer Industries was established by a joint capital venture between Dow Corning and Chugai Bussan in 1978 as a company that would specialize in the secondary processing of industrial silicone rubber.

Fujipoly has steadily grown over the past 21 years and now has nine divisions located in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to the nine locations, Fujipoly has a network of distributors and representatives, throughout the world, to meet your needs at the local level.

This borderless business strategy has allowed Fujipoly to offer our products and support at locations, and at times, that are convenient to our customers.

In the manufacturing industry where technological innovations are taking place one after the other, Fujipoly has always devoted itself to developing and supplying only those products that would meet the needs of the time.

We are a visionary company that continues to develop and acquire technologies that enable us to offer products that are, often, ahead of our times.

It is this corporate philosophy that has fueled our growth and has enabled many of our customers to introduce their products, sometimes a year, ahead of schedule.

Customers with this same visionary approach to product development will move Fujipoly into the next millennium.

You are encouraged to discuss future needs and technologies with us, so that we may continue to push the envelope together.

Your kind support and continued patronage is greatly appreciated.


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