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Fujipoly® Unveils New Corporate Brand Identity

Fujipoly® Unveils New Corporate Brand Identity

Fujipoly® America recently announced the timely evolution of its corporate philosophy and brand identity. This new development, after over 50 years of company history, will highlight its newly established mission, vision, values, and logo.

The company’s new Mission is to realize what others cannot. While their Vision will continue to focus on exercising their strengths in manufacturing for the future. The company’s new logo design is a visual representation of its corporate statement. It is a symbol of their will to continue to drive evolution to internal and external stakeholders, as well as to unite all employees in moving towards the future.

While these visual changes will continue to be seen over the next 6 months, you can expect no changes from Fujipoly’s® corporate stance of continuing to work closely with their customers to discover unique solutions, maximize creativity and grow together in the future.

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