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Understanding Thermal Gap Filler Pads, PCB Deflection, and Stress
Managing compression force and stress is critical in any application that incorporates gap filler pads as a thermal interface. In this webinar, we will look at the compression characteristics of thermal gap filler pads. We will apply this understanding to a PCB assembly. Webinar attendees will have a better understanding of the basic analytical techniques and tests that can be performed to understand stress as well as defection in both gap filler pads and PCB.
Advantages of Putty Type Gap Fillers Webinar - February 26, 2019
The need for low compression force Thermal Gap Fillers continues to become more prevalent. Tolerance variations drive the need for compliant Thermal Gap Filler Materials. To satisfy these market requirements, Fujipoly® offers an extensive line of compressible Putty Gap Filler Materials. Our expertise in silicone formulation makes us the market leader in high-performance Putty Type Thermal Gap Fillers
Fundamentals of Heat Transfer in Thermal Interface Gap Filler Materials
Thermal Live 2018 Webinar presented by Applications Engineer Christian Miraglia
Fujipoly In Depth Understating of Compression Characteristics
Thermal Live 2017 Webinar presented by Applications Engineer Christian Miraglia
Thermal Interface Material Compression Testing
Demonstration of Thermal Interface Material compression testing at Fujipoly's Customer Engineering Resource Center (CERC) in San Jose, California.
Fujipoly Customer Engineering Resource Center, San Jose CA
At our Customer Engineering Resource Center in San Jose, California we can evaluate and test Fujipoly products to see how they will perform for your specific application. We are fully equipped to test Thermal Resistance, Electrical Resistance/Isolation, Compression Force, Hardness, Viscosity, Tensile Strength, Reliability Testing at High & Low temperatures and heat shock. We stock a large selection of Fujipoly thermal interface materials and even have a plotter cutter to produce no-tooling samples while you wait!
Fujipoly Thermal Interface Material Gap Filler Selection
How to select the optimal gap filler thermal interface material.

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