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LGA Connectors Help Reduce Assembly Costs

LGA Connectors Help Reduce Assembly Costs

Fujipoly’s W-Series Matrix Connectors can reduce assembly time and cost for many land grid array (LGA) applications. By eliminating the need to solder the LGA to the PCB, this silicone-based connector delivers measurable cost savings especially for densely packed boards with 200 or more I/Os.

After inserting the correctly sized W-Series connector pad between opposing groups of electrodes, all that is necessary to make a complete electrical connection is even pressure.

The highly reliable W-Series connector is embedded with 300 to 2,000 gold-plated wires per cm2 and provides a current carrying capacity of 500 mA/mm2. The low resistance silicone-based connector is available from stock in sizes up to 50mm x 50mm and thicknesses of .50mm or 1.0mm.

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